Why and How to Do Regular Truck Fleet Maintenance?


If you are a fleet manager or truck owner-operator, minimising the unexpected costs due to improper maintenance should be of prime importance. Reducing these costs means avoiding any breakdown situations. To mitigate any such risk, performing quality and schedule maintenance is utmost important. Fleet Maintenance software will help you throughout the maintenance process. It is easy to manage fuel and maintenance costs using the software.


Why do regular truck fleet maintenance? Vehicles suffer a lot without proper scheduled maintenance. Not only its vehicles suffer but it also hampers the overall operation of the fleet. Consequently, the entire operation of the company is badly affected and hinders its growth. To make the fleet run smoothly and efficiently, it is important to regularly check out any issue with them. The person or team in charge of maintenance should be aware of the problem of every truck. They can keep a thorough to-do list to take required actions on time. Because it not that easy to inspect each and every vehicle all the time.

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Fleet Maintenance software keeps eyes on all the vehicles and makes you aware of any issue before it gets more complicated. Fleet management software will notify the driver about the mileage indicators and other performance indicators. Customer satisfaction and retention play a crucial role in the growth of a business. Using the fleet maintenance software, you can have a proper track of goods and makes delivery easy and efficient.

This ensures that the carriers are taking complete care of and it results in longer life of the vehicles. Fleet maintenance software also helps you to prevent any mishaps on the road. The software provides you with real-time data of the fleet as well as drivers. Hence, you will come to know about every single issue on the particular instant of time. How to do regular truck fleet maintenance?

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There is plenty of fleet management software out there. But you have to choose the right software that can fulfil all your maintenance and managing needs. Truck fleet management is easier now thanks to the advancement in technology. Prepare a list containing all the items that should be included in the routine preventive fleet maintenance service. If you keep the list handy, it will save you time while inspecting the vehicles. It checklist will help you to easily identify any issue and fix it quickly. This will assist the technician to perform a detailed inspection of each vehicle’s components.


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Integrating fleet maintenance software in the system will also help you to know the condition of the vehicles. Make a preventive maintenance schedule that includes engine hours, miles travelled, fuel consumption and calendar time. All these parameters will help you to create a proper schedule. Fleet maintenance software provides you with the reports on a number of breakdowns, emergency repair, jump starts, etc.


By viewing the reports, you can see the patterns and can make necessary adjustments in the schedule. A fleet manager should take advantage of recent tools and technology. Manual systems are complex and time-consuming. Hence, fleet management software is a good choice to automate the maintenance procedure. Moreover, the time you spent on making the fleet’s preventive maintenance plan will save both the cost and effort.